This group consists a team of persons with many years of experience in the marine industry.
We decided to combine our experience to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. Our expertise extends from recreational boat, private and commercial mega yachts till arrive to commercial ships.
Our staff can be a valuable support to every problem:


_Maritime Agency


_Food & beverage provisioning

_Enviroments cleaning, including bilges and tanks

_Deck-tool supply

_Flower arrangements

_Loundry services

_Diver inspection

_Luxury rents

_Water toys & tenders

_Yacht insurance

_Safety & security inspection

_Photographic services


If you need a mooring we can provide concrete support.
Our in-house team can help in carrying out paperwork, Visas, customs clearance.
We have a dedicated section to procurement and the catering services.
Contact us for any support needs you